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Format: Download PC, PC CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 21.09.2012
Version Download: 1.201

Build a bridge .... and get over it!

The Bridge Project is the successor to the original and award-winning bridge Bridge Builder simulation, all amateur designers and structural engineers finally have a new challenge on their PC.

The gameplay has been subject to much tweeking and development with new up to date materials exciting scenarios and a variety of tasks waiting to be solved. Build stable bridges in a variety of landscapes with detailed environment.

  • Windows XP / Windows Vista or Windows 7 (recommended 64bit)
  • Core2Duo 2.4 GHz or similar (recommended 3.0 GHz
  • 2048 MB RAM (recommended 4096 MB)
  • 3D-Graphics card with 256 MB (min GeForce 8600GT or similar)
  • soundcard
  • 2 GB free harddiskspace
  • Keyboard and Mouse
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Bridge Builder 2
EUR 14.95
Mac, Download Mac
Bridge Builder 2
EUR 14.95
Download PC, PC CD
Bridge Builder - Blue Bird Edition
EUR 9.95
Download PC, PC CD
Bridge! 2
EUR 9.95
EUR 9.99
Download PC
Bridge It - Reloaded
EUR 9.95
Download PC, PC CD
ab EUR 15.74
PC-Steam, Download PC, PC CD